• Git Resources

    Posted in Technical stuff on Jan 16, 2015

    I've been using Git for a couple of years now. I had the opportunity to work with several teams, on different environments, for various types of projects and Git was always very helpful, much more flexible and powerful than SVN in my opinion. It's also a little bit more complex and I often have been asked by clients to do some basic presentation about the tool and how to approach it. Here is what I can share and say about it.

  • Happy Birthday Kara!!

    Posted in Every day on Jan 16, 2015

    Kara, our beautiful Samoyed, is one year old today! [...]

  • About this website

    Posted in Technical stuff on Jan 07, 2015

    This post will cover very quickly the technology used to create this website. I will explain what I appreciate about the OctoberCMS platform, what plugins and theme I used and a quick step-by-step description of the creation of this site.